Monday, January 25, 2010

My poor computer ...

My computer has been "sick" now for over a week. I get two different error messages before it completely shuts down in the middle of everything I'm working on. It's pretty frustrating, so I haven't done much with it all week. Mr. Jones is reading up on the error messages and trying to figure out a solution; but in the meantime, I am behind on e-mails, cannot work on photograph editing, can't make cards ... we certainly miss having our very own resident computer fix-it person (that would be Adam).

So I've been doing a lot of reading. I finished an early autobiography of C.S. Lewis: "Surprised by Joy." I really enjoyed it ... well, at least the parts I could understand! C.S. Lewis was classically educated and he uses lots and lots of literary and historical references that I am totally unfamiliar with! But other than that, I enjoyed reading about his life and his journey of faith.

I am now about halfway through "Mere Christianity," (C. S. Lewis) ~ which is farther than I've EVER gotten in this book. I used to get "stuck" in the preface (!) and then just give up and put the book away! But I decided to just skip the preface this time and begin with chapter one! I really appreciate his writing style, along with his logical and amazingly practical arguments for Christianity.

I've also been studying the book of Job (because I was assigned this book to teach to our preschoolers) and ... I can't wait until next Thursday! I have learned so much cool stuff to teach the kids!

And ... happily ... it is snowing tonight! The way I see it, as long as it is going to be miserably cold, and there is NO CHANCE of spring weather for at least 60+ days, it may as well be beautiful! Our snow has been dirty and ugly and melting for over a week now, so I am welcoming some clean fresh white stuff!

I've also been working on a small Valentine's box to be sent for each of our out-of-town families, but my efforts have been hampered because of my computer issues (I've already been "shut down" twice while trying to do this post!) ... I need to finish making cards for each and every grandchild!

Hopefully, Mr. Jones will find a cure soon ... that's all for now ... a "run time error" is surely just around the corner ...

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