Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yesterday in Manistee

After adding a little bit of savings with some money I received for Christmas, I upgraded my camera a few days ago! I purchased a Canon Power Shot Sx120 IS. It has a 10X optical zoom along with 10.0 mega pixels. I like it very much! My other Canon Power Shot only had a 4X zoom. Plus, with this new camera, I can more easily regulate the shutter speed and do some continuous-frame shooting.

Since I had a brand new camera, I was kind of anxious to try it out! Grandpa Jones had his day filled up from start to finish yesterday with train stuff and choir practice ... so it was one of those days I had completely to myself. I decided to take a "vacation day" from all other activities and take a nice drive ... north! We've come through some nasty weather in the last few weeks, but the next few days were predicted to be dry and even a little bit warmer ~ who knows how long this dry and favorable weather pattern would last?

I decided to go to Manistee because ... well, you know my love of lighthouses! I really have taken enough pictures of Grand Haven's lighthouse to last me ... a long time ... in all kinds of weather and skies and seasons. I wanted to photograph Big Point Sable Lighthouse in the winter, but it's a two mile walk to that destination from the nearest parking lot. Two miles in Michigan cold ... and yesterday it was very windy. If I could have found a friend who did not have to go to work yesterday, or one who was healthy enough to walk the two miles, that's where I would have gone! Since I was traveling alone, I needed to pick a beautiful spot that was easily accessible and not too dangerous to go solo. Manistee is actually only just a minutes more than two hours from my house. Not a bad drive at all. Thankfully, it was 30 degrees, because the WIND was very very strong and it felt BITTERLY COLD! I was layered from head to toe ... I looked ridiculous! No one else was outside ... so I had the place to myself.
I did NOT walk to the end of the pier. This is as far as I went! I loved the ice-encased catwalk.
Since we had such a nice WARM November, Lake Michigan has not frozen over. Usually by now the ice is very far offshore. It was beautiful to see the waves crashing against the ice.
This is only the fourth time I have ever been to Manistee ... and NEVER during winter. It's amazingly beautiful ... but very bleak at the same time.
I had hoped for more a more interesting looking sky ... but it was total grey in Manistee yesterday the entire time I was there.
I spent about an hour on the north side taking pictures, and then I drove across the river to the south side. I did not see one other person outside!

I did walk to the end of this pier that has the blue handrails ...
Isn't the ice amazing looking?

I intended to stay until sunset, but with it being so overcast, I really didn't anticipate the sunset would have many colors to photograph. Instead, I left Manistee before dark and drove most of the way home while it was still light. I turned the heat on in my car full blast all the way home to thaw out my frozen toes and sang along with an old Michael Card CD at the top of my lungs (to keep myself awake). I'm thankful I was able to take this "vacation day" and was able to try out my new camera.

"If I dwell by the farthest oceans,
even there your hand will guide me,
and your strength will support me.
I could ask the darkness to hide me
and the LIGHT around me to become night ~
but even in darkness I cannot hide from you.
To you the night shines as bright as day.
Darkness and LIGHT are both alike to you."
PSALM 139:9-12


Emily said...

Is your camera the same one we have?

Nice pics!

Mom Jones said...

No, Emily ... I was completely wrong about the camera thing. Yours is WAY nicer than this new one I bought ... but I don't really understand how to use the fancy ones anyway! :) The one I bought seems like a nice next-step kind of upgrade for someone like me!

Emily said...

It still sounds like a nice camera. I mean the clarity is better.

sabrina said...

Great pictures Mom! Love the ice on the pier.