Saturday, May 28, 2011

Birthday happiness for Dylan ...

Dylan is 27 today. The year he was born May 28 fell smack dab on a Monday, which also happened to be Memorial Day. He has always had a quiet spirit. And he was the easiest baby ever ~ not the fussy sort at all ~ contentment has always been a personality trait of his. Gentleness too. He has a gentle sort of kindness that is wonderful to be around.

Dylan is also a man of deep personal faith. He has just finished up his first of two years at Calvin Seminary. If I'm not mistaken, he has furthered his studies there in Greek, took a class or two in Hebrew, as well as beginning to learn Latin. That's a lot of ancient languages! I like to listen to him talk about what he has been learning because he is passionate about it. So what is he going to do with his education? He's not 100% sure, but since he is strong in relating and communicating to many different kinds of people, he is talking about hospital chaplaincy for awhile at least. But that's another year from now and there are other directions he can take with his studies as well.

We're sending Dylan birthday greetings today, and hoping that this next year, whatever it brings, will be an amazingly HAPPY one!
These pictures of Dylan were taken at he and Kelly's wedding rehearsal dinner/picnic over at Ada Park (July 2010).

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Happy Birthday Dylan.