Friday, May 6, 2011

Light Cards

I make cards. I also take pictures. Notice ... I did not say I am a photographer, because I am not. I have long had a love-affair with lighthouses. I have now taken pictures of over 20 different lighthouses, mostly in Michigan, but as far away as Hawaii! I love combining Scripture with the beauty God has made. There is so much in the Bible that talks about LIGHT versus DARKNESS ... it seems almost endless sometimes! I am 100% happy when I work on a card design. So I thought today that I'd just share a few of the cards I've been working on over the last little while.
Grand Haven South Pier Lights, May 2010.
Big Point Sable Light, Ludington, Michigan, August 2009.
Taken from the end of the south pier, Grand Haven, Michigan, Summer 2008.
"Big Red", the Holland Harbor Light, Fall 2008.
Mission Point Light, Summer 2007.
Little Point Sable Lighthouse on the shores of Lake Michigan, near Silver Lake, July 2010.
A stormy October 2010 afternoon at Grand Haven, Michigan.
The north pier lights at St. Joseph, Michigan. Fall 2007.
Marblehead Light, at the mouth of Sandusky Bay, Ohio. Summer 2009.


sabrina said...

I love all your lighthouse pictures!!!! They are all so beautiful!

judy hand said...

Really pretty and creative.

shelley johannes said...

God is Light, in him is no darkness at one of my favorite verses. It's one of the first I taught to Matthew when he was little. LOVE all your cards. And though you may not call yourself one, you are a photographer. =)

Mom Jones said...

Thanks, everyone for your encouraging comments about the cards and the ... picture-taking! (Notice, I did NOT say "photography").

And Shelley -- I'm so glad you love that verse. It has always been one of my favorites and has comforted me in many "dark" hours of my life. How wonderful that you have taught Matthew this verse. :)