Sunday, May 1, 2011

Shuttle mission scrubbed ...

On December 1, 2010, I posted exciting news about Diana's biology team experiment being chosen to go up on the last mission flight of Endeavour. I was so excited for Diana and her team! I know they have been anticipating this trip to the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral for such a long time!
Everything was in place for the launch Friday. Diana and her team arrived late Thursday with plans for a great time in Florida, watching the launch up close and personal. They would be sharing this event with Rep. Gabrielle Giffords ... not that they would meet her personally, but her husband, Mark Kelly, was commanding the shuttle on this mission! Even the President and the first family were there to see the launch! The countdown was all in place. I had the NASA channel on so that I could see the shuttle and the platform ... and await the moment it would lift off.
But then ... the mission was scrubbed. There was a possibility the Endeavour would launch Monday, and we were holding out hopes that it would because Diana and her group were going to be allowed to extend their time in Florida and still see it. But we found out today that the problem cannot be solved quickly with the "load control assembly" and so the launch has been postponed now until possibly May 9. Diana will come home, as scheduled, tonight. If I feel this disappointed, I'm thinking Diana and her group are much more ...
This is Diana (left), then the two students on her team, and on the right is their instructor.
I still say ... CONGRATULATIONS to everyone involved who worked hard on this project. It has been fun to follow your excitement and achievement. I'm sad you didn't get to see an actual launch, but I truly hope you had a great time at Cape Canaveral anyway!

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judy hand said...

Carol: Thanks for the great post about Diana and co-team members. I agree completely, and I feel their achievement is amazing and so much hard work. Congratulations to the whole work unit.