Thursday, May 26, 2011

We have birds!

I've been trying for a few days to get some pictures of the birds at our feeder, but they haven't wanted to cooperate with me one single bit! Today, it has been raining most of the day ~ one of those kind of steady sprinkles ~ I love a day like this. So I quietly stepped out into the wetness this afternoon and tried to hide myself behind one of our bushes and catch those rascal birds that have made themselves so at home at our feeder.

At any one time, we will have a dozen of them flying back and forth between the large spruce tree across the street and over to our yard. I've seen cardinals, sparrows, VERY annoying black birds, blue birds, a few mourning doves who feed off the spillway on the ground, and lots of these little "house finches." I did see a pretty yellow finch this morning as well, but she flew away as soon as she saw my camera!
These are not the best photos ... but they are better than nothing. I have been so delighted this week watching all of the activity in our front yard. I just love it that these beautiful birds come over to my house to eat! And they sing the loveliest songs! Thank you, Lord, for making these sweet little creatures.


Hemraj said...

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shelley johannes said...

How fun! I love finches - they are so adorable. We inherited a hummingbird feeder here at the house. I can't believe how excited we all have been to watch them. I love hearing Nolan chanting, "Hummbird! Hummbird!" Lately they've been outsmarting us and visiting when we aren't paying attention.

sabrina said...

Oh I love those pictures!!! We are so happy that you love the houses so much and that they are so busy with birds visiting.