Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy thoughts received ...

(image added 2/14/10)

Yesterday when we returned home from being with the little kids at church, there was a Fed-Ex package on our front porch, half buried in the snow, with a beautiful card that said, "Sending Happy Thoughts."

Back in the fall when Grandpa Jones and I were visiting everyone in Texas, Nicolas and Rachel took us to a tiny little town in-between Bandera and San Antonio by the name of Old Helotes ... it was pouring rain that afternoon and we just kind of wandered antique shops for a little while. I had been admiring some darling cookie cutters in one of the shops and had actually picked them up for purchase, but then changed my mind ~ because I was calculating the cost of an airline ticket to El Paso in December and decided I needed to save every single penny ~ did I absolutely NEED these cookie cutters? Probably not!

How fun to open this box and see a chicken, a frog, and a rabbit cookie cutter (they are SO cute) AND some nice ready-to-make Betty Crocker sugar cookie ingredients and fancy sprinkles for decorating! I took pictures to show you, but then my computer crashed before I could load them (see post below).

It's so fun to receive a box, completely by surprise, open it up and find such a delightful gift. So even though my computer is dead, I am smiling.

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