Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow on Big Sable ...

I was able to do something today that I have wanted to do for a very long time ... three years at least! Ever since I first saw the lighthouse over at Big Sable Point, I wanted to photograph it in the wintertime ... because I just KNEW it would be fabulously beautiful!

There were a couple of obstacles in the way, however ... it's a two-hour drive (one way) to Ludington and often the weather here in W. Michigan can be suddenly hazardous ... plus, you can't get to Big Sable Lighthouse without at least an almost-two-mile walk. I'm actually not opposed to driving alone or walking alone for that matter ... but it's probably NOT a good idea. I usually throw caution to the wind, however! But (believe it or not) one of my biggest fears in the world is ... bears. And I could just picture myself walking that path between the dunes and running into a bear! I would have a heart attack on the spot!
So last week when my dear dear friend Karen and I were baking Valentine cookies at her house and I asked her if she would ever be interested in taking a winter hike and photographing Big Sable, she enthusiastically said YES! We had such a great time there today ... once we finally found the correct path out to the lighthouse that is!
What a completely and totally gorgeous winter day. I was over-the-top ecstatic to be there! And Karen and I talked nonstop (I am not exaggerating) for six solid wonderful hours ... our conversation wove in and out of a million different places and subjects ...
The wind and the waves were exhilerating. The sand patterns amazing. The beach grass tall and majestic and ... the colors were amazing.
And Lake Michigan! Just the sound of it makes me immediately happy ... but to see it like this!

I was practically dancing with JOY on the beach! I loved sharing this time with Karen, who loved it just as much as I did!
And look! The little fog station they were just beginning to build in August when I was last here is now finished ... I can't wait to come back some day and actually hear the fog horn, which has to be one of the most beautiful sounds anywhere! Yes, Mr. Jones ... it rivals a train horn ... and wins!

We wore many layers, so we really weren't miserably cold ... we LOOK half frozen, but we did just fine.
I would love to travel all over Michigan and film every single lighthouse in each and every season of the year ... perhaps I will!
I am still surprised at how Lake Michigan has NOT frozen this year ... there was probably only about 10 feet of ice out into the lake from the shore.
Such a beautiful place ... I could stay forever!
The Lord God certainly did Himself good when he created this spot, and I'm surely thankful I could feast upon His handiwork today ...


sabrina said...

These are so breathtakingly beautiful mom! I love them! What a great way to spend your day doing something you love with someone you love!

Mr. Jones said...

Lake not frozen?


No wonder you were not cold when at the lake.

shelley. said...

GORGEOUS photos, Aunt Carol!!! Truly beautiful. You definitely need to do something official with your love of lighthouses and your joy in photographing them. Love you.