Saturday, February 13, 2010

A lovely surprise ...

Our doorbell rang a few minutes ago (something it rarely does) and since I was busy down in the basement, checking my e-mail, etc., I hesitated to answer it. It would probably be the little girl next door selling girl scout cookies ~ and we'd already bought ours from a friend at church ~ but then I decided against ignoring the bell and ran up and see who was there. There was nobody at all! But instead, there was a long rectangular box, the kind that could only come from a florist! Who on earth could it be for? Certainly NOT Mr. Jones! The address said it was coming from San Diego! What?!
As I opened up the box, I really had NO IDEA who would be sending these flowers. I love flowers. In fact, there are very few flowers that I am not friends with! I adore them all! And roses?! Mmmm. My favorite. So intricate and perfect.
I opened the enclosed card to find that the Rauch family was sending me love on Valentine's Day ... WOW. I am feeling the love ... and very much appreciate this lovely surprise. Aren't these colors great? There are white, peach, yellow and pink roses ... and I get to watch their beautiful pedals open, and smell them (deeply) and take care of them ... THANKS SO MUCH!


Emily said...

Those are beautiful roses! How sweet of the Rauch family to send them to you.

sabrina said...

Andrew thought you might like a beautiful Valentines surprise. Glad they arrived safely and beautifully!