Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's official ...

It's been sick for a long time now and dying a slow death. But finally, late yesterday, it breathed its last and simply WILL NOT be revived ...

My computer is dead.

I know. I know. It's not like it's a person or anything. And we do have a rather old dinosaur in the basement that I am presently using ... but it does not have the nearly 30,000 photos that I've saved, nor does it have any of my card files. Sigh.

Mr. Jones has been thinking on the problem. He has sent a distress e-mail to Adam as well. The only thing I use my computer for is for making greeting cards, photo storage and editing, as well as keeping in touch with friends and family through Facebook and e-mails.

And THIS blog. And YOUR blogs.

I'm sure I could live without all of that, but so many folk I love are so very far away ... this small connection with them is such a comfort at times.

I took a long winter walk this morning and took a bunch of pictures ... they are still in my camera and of course I cannot upload them anywhere ... but I did enjoy the walk. I trespassed all over the place in the woods (at the end of the court) and walked further than I ever have back there. The snow was knee deep in places, but the sun was out and the woods just glistened like magic. All of the area schools are shut down for the day, children are out playing in the snow, and it is a pretty sight.

Well, that's enough for this death notice ...


Ruthanne said...

Carol! I feel so bad! I do enjoy your blog so much. Maybe there will be an answer some how? I know you are just sick to lose all those beautiful pictures! I have often thought how sorry I am that I don't have some of my pictures actually printed - maybe this is a good reason to do it once in awhile. Love you - hope it works out! :( I feel your pain.

Mom Jones said...

Thank you, Ruthanne, for your very kind sympathy. I feel your love! :)

Mr. Jones and Adam are still "thinking through the problem" and have concluded it is a very big problem, but are still trying out different options.

I do have about 28,000 of my 30,000 pictures backed up on a separate hard drive (all of my precious grandchildren pictures) and so they should be safe. However, on my desktop, I made "card" files and have kept every edited photo that I use to make cards there ... tons of hours of work tweeking the picture "just right" ... all of that labor is in danger of NOT being recovered (literally 100's of designed cards) ... so it's difficult for me to even think about them being gone. It would, however, be worse to have lost grandchildren pictures ~ and so far, I think those are safe. :)