Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday in El Paso

Do you remember me telling you that there is NO playground equipment at Logan Elementary? Well, I should have clarified and said that there were no swings or monkey bars or other climbing apparatus; because there is blacktop and a few basketball hoops, and if you are quick and lucky enough, you might even find a basketball that has air in it (!) and be able to shoot a few hoops during recess. Christopher really enjoys sports: football especially, soccer, and also basketball. During lunch recess today, Chris and I shot some baskets and he won, 6 to 4!
 When I came to see the children back in September, I had them design their own T-shirts. We used fabric markers and had so much fun doing art on shirts! So ... I found more sale T-shirts and markers a few weeks ago and brought them along this time too. After homework was completed, the kiddos got to work on their T-shirt project.

 We had tacos for dinner tonight and for dessert, we enjoyed huge ice cream sundaes ... to the delight of each and every child in the house ... well, not Kaity!
Above, the kids are showing me how their shirts turned out. They all plan to wear them to school tomorrow! I think, however, they might have to layer them. We woke up this morning, after a howling wind storm last night, to really COLD temperatures that never warmed up all day. 

Tomorrow evening is the school Christmas program ...


Larry and Judy Hand said...

What neat tee-shirts each of the children made. They are all artistic for sure and love doing those projects. Happiness shows all over their faces. Those sundaes look yummy. Chis does love sports, and we're glad as it is a good outlet for him and all his energy. Kids look so happy. Enjoy the Christmas program. Take care.

Shelley Johannes said...

I LOVE that house of Matthew's! They are each very good artists. It's always fun to see their work.