Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday in El Paso

Emma showing me her completed LEGO
set of: "Olivia's Treehouse"
We had such a nice Sunday together here in El Paso! Since Jesse and Diana are both sick with head colds, none of us could attend church this morning, so the children and I had our own church. I reminded the kiddos that the Bible says that when people gather to worship the Lord, even if there are only 2 or 3 of them, He is right there with them. So we took almost an hour this morning and learned about the prophet Elijah. We had a wonderful time studying I Kings 17-19. I was able to get some coloring pages from the internet and we were able to color pictures that told most of the story. 
After "church" the children returned to finishing up their LEGO models. With a LOT of tenacity, each one of them completed their models with absolutely no help from me or any grown-up whatsoever. They were really pleased with their accomplishment too! Christopher is always especially dramatic when it comes to posing for a picture ... hence the expressions on his face! 
But again, Matthew was the child who surprised me most. His LEGO set was extremely difficult. I honestly do not think I could have put it together myself! But Matthew very patiently went step by step and completed his models. He was SO pleased that he could do this all by himself. There were several times when he was obviously frustrated during the process and I offered to be of assistance; but each time, he very politely said that he wanted to do it all by himself ... and he did!
Baby Kaity and I got better acquainted today. She is a sweetie. Look at her darling little face! She is teething presently and I think she feels quite miserable about it ... poor little one. But she was still smiling and cooing and giggling throughout her day. Emma and I brought her into Emma's room for some "girl time" this afternoon. We showed her how to build with her Christmas presents, a very simple block set, and then we showed her some of Emma's dolls. She especially liked Emma's baby dolls. 
In all of these pictures, Kaity-girl's hair looks red! But until I edited these pictures tonight, I never noticed any red in her hair whatsoever. So now I'm wondering ... will she be a redhead? As I look back on when Emma was a baby, I remember wondering now and then if her hair would be red ... but Emma is definitely NOT a redhead. 
I love these pictures of Kaity. I didn't have very many nice ones of her until today. I'm so glad I was able to get them! 

The weekend flew right by. Tomorrow, we return to school. We are in the middle of quite a wind storm down here tonight. I'm hoping that by morning, the wind has died down!


Larry and Judy Hand said...

Head cold are the pitts. Hope the rest of you don't get them, and Jes and Diana feel better. The worship you had with the children sounds wonderful. Wow, proud of all the children putting their lego sets together. They all look beautiful. And the pictures of Kaity are wonderful. She sure has grown and has many different expressions now, such a beautiful little one, as they all are. God Bless and take care. Again, thanks so much for taking the time to share.

Mom Jones said...

Good morning, Larry and Judy! So glad to be able to share these photos and narratives with you. The grandchildren love and miss you both. I am so looking forward to them moving home to Michigan ... hopefully six months from now, we can see them whenever we want. :)

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