Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What a GIFT this little fellow is ...

Monday afternoon, I got to babysit Brendan at HIS house. His folks were attending the Christmas party /dinner over at Acton Institute, so I got to come over and play with baby B. And what is this sad face, little sweetheart (above, bottom right picture)?

 Brendan was very aware that his parents were NOT home and he kept looking everywhere for them! So, at one point, I turned on my handy computer and got onto PhotoBooth so that Brendan could see himself. He was very amused that he could see another cute baby ... but WHY was grandma on that screen?!
 Kelly had instructed me to feed Brendan her homemade (and very yummy) graham crackers if he seemed a bit fussy or hungry ... so after about an hour of playing and him searching everywhere for mommy and daddy, I put him in his high chair and delivered the crackers. I was tickling his chunky little legs underneath his tray in this picture, which is why he is giggling uncontrollably.
I broke a cracker in half and ate one along with him ... which he thought was quite delightful and he is telling me exactly that! 
 And this picture? Well, this one just completely cracks me up (above) ... I haven't the slightest idea what his face is saying ... but doesn't Brendan have the most expressive little face ever?!
 And here he is today, wearing the little hat his mama made for him last weekend ... he looks so absolutely adorable in it ... doesn't he?
What an incredible gift this little child (and his mama) have been to me this year. I can't begin to give enough thanks for them. To have a grandbaby nearby, instead of 1600 miles away, has been such a mercy to me. LOVE you guys!


annaken said...

Hello, It was a delight to read about your grandchild. the pictures are fantastic. You are right, he has such an expressive face.

It was wonderful to connect with you again.

Judy Hand said...

These pictures are sure cute. When Diana and Jes' older children were small, the youngest would always start crying as soon as I opened the door here and they saw me. Wasn't as bad at their house, tho. But they knew when they saw me here, mama was going away.