Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday in El Paso

I arrived safely in El Paso early last evening to these happy faces! We had just a short time together to visit with each other, read a few stories, and then get tucked in for the night. 

Today, we woke up refreshed and ready for ... Thursday! The children had asked me how long I was staying this time. So I told them I was staying one of each day of the week ~ one Thursday, one Friday, one Saturday, one Sunday, one Monday, one Tuesday, and one Wednesday ... but then I would have to fly back to Grand Rapids very very early next Thursday morning. 

I ate breakfast with the kiddos this morning up at school and then returned home to work on a few projects before rejoining them for their lunch and recess periods. I got reacquainted with lots of little friends I have met along the way at Logan Elementary School, as well as being able to say "hi" to the kids' teachers too.  
I snapped a few quick pictures of little Kaity this evening. She decidedly does NOT like the lights on my camera. I can get a very nice smile from her, and even a giggle now and then ~ but when I grab my camera and turn the flash on ... the smile quickly turns to a little frown. But the above picture kind of cracks me up, because it looks like Kaity is intentionally sticking her tongue out at me ... I'm sure she didn't mean to!
This is sweet of our sleeping Kaity-girl. She was all tuckered out after the Christmas party we attended tonight over where Jesse works. There were lots and lots of people and a ton of food. We feel kind of over-stuffed and exhausted right now!

The children and I read part of the Christmas story out of one of Emma's children's Bibles, both last night and tonight actually. I have also prepared to read and teach them a few stories from the life of Elijah that I think they will really enjoy ~ but I'm waiting for the weekend for that. We also have lots of little art projects we are going to do together this weekend. Tonight, we only had time for homework and then the party; but it was a good day, and I am thankful for it!


Larry and Judy Hand said...

Sounds like you all had a busy and satisfying day. Kaity sure has grown. The children are all so beautiful. Hope you have a blast. God Bless.

Mom Jones said...

Thank you, Larry and Judy! I'm enjoying the warmer temperature here (although the early mornings and then the evenings are quite chilly). I am so thankful to be here. Every single day is a treasure.

Mom Jones said...
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