Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday in El Paso

This morning it was four degrees colder in El Paso than it was in Grand Rapids! BRRRR! After we ate our breakfast, we walked down to the school library ~ instead of waiting outside 20 minutes in the cold wind (!) for the bell to ring. We looked at some books together, happy to be INSIDE where it was warm!
Emma is in the second row, all the way to the left
"Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells!"
Tonight was the Christmas program at Logan Elementary. At the very last minute, they switched the location of where the children were performing ... it kind of made for a bit of a dilemma at our house because ... Emma and Chris were going to be performing in the school cafeteria at 6:00 while Matthew was going to be performing in the multi-purpose building at the very same time. The multi-purpose building is no where near the cafeteria. Yikes. What to do?

Since Jesse was still not 100% recovered from his head cold, he stayed home with baby Kaity. Diana attended Matthew's performance in the multi-purpose building, and I attended Emma and Chris's performance in the school cafeteria. There was a ton of people at both locations, parking was really a trick, but we managed to get through it! 

Christopher is on the top row, 2nd from the right
"Frosty the Snowman!"

Santa was in the lobby greeting all of the children, so our three munchkins agreed to pose for a picture. Pretty cute, you guys! 

I am too tired tonight to tell you any more about our day! I am just exhausted through and through. But it was another good day, one I am very thankful for.


Larry and Judy Hand said...

Hi Carol: Larry and I love these pictures. All the kids look so happy and what a beautiful group. Thanks so much for sharing these precious moments with us. I know that tired feeling, and I never even posted anything when I was there. Look how much more organized, etc., you are than me. God Bless. Hope you get some rest and hugs and kisses to all.

Judy Hand said...

I love Matt's smile in the library, so happy. And all the children look so happy in their singing groups and with Santa. We sure have beautiful grandchildren, huh.

Anonymous said...
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