Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday, last day in El Paso

 My last day in El Paso was full of Plan B's. Let me explain. You know how when you make plans (Plan A) and you think certain things are going to happen in a certain way ... but then circumstances change? Well, today was one of THOSE days.

I have been meeting the children every day during their three lunch and recess periods, sitting with them and their friends while they eat, and then going outside with them until their bell rings for class. The last few days, my stomach has been a little upset and I've been hoping that I wasn't coming down with a stomach flu. Today, due to my stomach, I only made it through two of three lunches and recesses before I just had to excuse myself and go back home!

And then in the early afternoon, the people came to the house to fix the kitchen sink and proceeded to drill through the brick wall of the house the rest of the afternoon and all the way into the evening. When I walked up to school to pick the kids up, I told them about all of the noise happening at their house. Instead of playing inside (Plan A), we decided to drop off backpacks and ... go on an outdoor adventure (Plan B). 
Emma, showing me her "stuff" on one of the many
playgrounds we discovered today!

Christopher, giving me a nice smile
up on top!

A very HAPPY Matthew at the playground
 On our adventure, we found TWO playgrounds where we'd never played before, as well as playing at one we were familiar with. It was great to be outside! We've had a lot of wind and very chilly temperatures, but thankfully it was a nice mild afternoon and we were not too cold. 
We had to be careful not to get too far from home because the sun sets behind the mountain at about ten minutes to five ~ and when the sun goes behind the mountain, it gets dark so fast! We enjoyed our adventure and were back home by about 4:45. The workers had finished all of their loud drilling and had fixed the kitchen sink!

We enjoyed some pizza for dinner tonight, as well as another ice cream sundae for dessert. I ate nothing whatsoever, hoping that my stomach will settle down before my very early flight tomorrow morning. We spent some time playing together with my computer photo program, had storytime, and now it is after 10:00 and everyone is soundly sleeping. It was a very nice last day in El Paso, and I'm thankful that even though circumstances change, our love for each other remains constant! 

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Judy & Larry Hand said...

Hope you feel better and have a wonderful and safe trip back home. Thanks for all the photos and sharing. That last day sounds like a dosey(sp). Love the pictures of the children on the playground. They look so happy and have lots of big smiles and energy, so we know they had a great time. God Bless.