Saturday, July 11, 2015

Back to Townsend Park ...

Sometimes I have to really search my brain out to find something interesting for my older grandkiddos and I to do during our several hours together each week. Now that it has warmed up a tiny bit in W. Michigan, I decided a trip to Townsend Park would be good for our souls. We hadn't visited there since last fall!
It was a perfect weather afternoon to wade in the stream and go hunting for cray fish. We used pepperoni for bait (but hotdogs work better) and we did catch quite an assortment of … stuff.
The kids made instant friends with other children who were hanging out in the creek … I love this about children.
My kiddos are extremely serious about the hunt. They are always in a contest to see who can catch the biggest cray fish.

Matthew caught "Jimmy" on the other side of the bridge and was so excited to throw him into our pail!

Aren't these nice hunting pictures?

At one point, we had FIVE crayfish, a dozen guppies and three water sliders!

We always return our wild life to the places where we caught them. It was finally time to dump our bucket ...

Once we were back home here, we studied our Bible lesson about Moses and the children of Israel wandering in the desert and God providing manna, quail and water for them. We learned all about this great Bible story and were reminded that Jesus is "the true manna from heaven" and that we are going to eat some of this manna in heaven! We also were reminded that Jesus is Living Water and when we drink from Him, we never ever thirst again. We also introduced another 10-word memory verse: "The Lord is my shepherd, I have everything I need" and talked about how Jesus is the Good Shepherd who takes care of us, faithfully, every day.

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