Saturday, July 11, 2015

Little Fellow and I have a PJ party at the Beach House ...

Brendan and I had our first PJ party Friday night here at my Beach House. I have posted a LOT of pictures, but strangely, none of them in our PJ's! Brendan's folks have been married five years this month and wanted to "get away" for the night, so Little Fellow stayed here with me. We had a lot of fun!

Brendan gets a bang out of all of my lighthouses--especially the ones that actually light up. He is a bit of a pyromaniac, but I indulged him in a few candles and his little heart was happy.
"I will be careful with the fire, Grandma!"
Brendan was very delighted with this little ceramic lighthouse and the tea candle that made light shine through the tiny windows.
He studies everything very carefully and doesn't miss a single thing … I think he is a little scientist.
Brendan is leaning over and resting his head on my table because I turned the lighthouse so that he could see the tea candle and the wick with the flame. He loves fire.
He kept touching the lighthouse to see if it was hot … and it was.

Then we lit my other taller lighthouse with the larger candle … Brendan was so pleased!
He wondered if I had any "guys" who could explore the lighthouses ...
and sure enough, our LEGO guys worked just fine!
We set the LEGO guys up to climb the big lighthouse ...
Brendan enjoyed himself very much with their helmets and visors … he is very mechanical and loves to fool around with stuff that has a lot of tiny parts.
We played with this for a very long time. Brendan has a nice, long attention span.

See what I mean? He is a very concentrated little person. Look how much he is enjoying those LEGO guys!

I love this expressive little person!

At one point, we had six or seven of our guys all climbing to the top of the lighthouse … some of them kept falling off which cracked Brendan up.

We headed outside to mow the lawn for a little while ...
Brendan LOVES machines and is a very hard little worker!

However, the mosquitoes were unrelenting and found both of us quite yummy. Sadly, we did not stay outside for very long!
I decided in a bath-time activity and Brendan enjoyed washing our Matchbox trucks with my foaming soap. He also used my measuring spoons as windshield wipers and washed away the foamy soap from the sides of my tub. We had an entire hour of fun doing this … Brendan was very clean afterwards!
I'd like to report that we both had a wonderful night's sleep … ah, but that would NOT be the truth. You see, Little Fellow almost never sleeps alone and most often ends up sleeping with his cuddly parents. We got our jammies on, watched "The Polar Express" on my computer … and I thought that he would knock out on the couch WAY before the movie was over. But Kelly had put some glow sticks in Brendan's overnight bag and once it got dark, I showed them to him. That was all it took to revitalize him as he ran all over the house talking about fireworks and going outside, etc. He was finally sleeping at about 10:30 but was wide awake at 3:30 AM and played strong all the way until 12:30 when his folks picked him up--he was nearly cross-eyed by then (and me too!) … but I'm getting ahead of my story here ...
Sometime Saturday morning, once the sun actually woke up to be with us (!!), we played with our usual friend, Mr. Pelican. Brendan is giving him some nice hugs here.

And I got my paper punches out and we made some nice pictures together ...
AND we discovered what a magnifying glass could do!

For awhile, I played the piano and Brendan accompanied me on my various musical instruments.
It was a very nice first PJ party. I will remember it with JOY.

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