Friday, July 31, 2015

More of Brendan ...

Brendan and I played our first ever game of "Shoots and Ladders" Wednesday night. First, we put the puzzle together, and then we played the game. My game does not have one of those old-fashioned spinners (which Brendan would probably have preferred), but just uses one dice.
 Brendan was quite enthusiastic about throwing the dice. I showed him how to ROLL the dice, but he preferred THROWING it and watching it fly.
 He was very pleased with this game and didn't mind one bit about sliding down the snakes--that was the fun part!

Sweetest little face!

 We my wind-up toys down from the top toy shelf in the playroom. I put them away about a year ago because certain of my bigger boys were being a little too rough with them--and then I forgot all about them!
 Brendan just loves cause and effect--so winding up a toy and then watching what it does is quite a delight to him ...

 I didn't photograph all of them, but this horse was probably Brendan's favorite; although he loved the kangaroo and the bumble bee too.
 Look at those soft cheeks on this precious kiddo!
Dylan and Kelly went to an Acton event Wednesday evening, so I got to be Brendan's caregiver! Yay! 
 He is not difficult to care for. I have rarely met someone so easy to love as this little child.

 He loves to play with my favorite lighthouse ...
 He especially loves the little seagulls!
 And the spinning light is pretty entertaining too.

 We got out our scissors for a little practice cutting stuff out. And we got out my paper punches too.
 Brendan loves to use scissors!
 These are not especially easy scissors to use, however. But Brendan was quite tenacious with his efforts.

 Such determination.

Ah, Brendan, you have so many expressions. I never get tired taking pictures of your dear little self. Grandma loves you to pieces.

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