Friday, July 24, 2015

My happy little fellow ...

I can hardly believe it, but Brendan is almost 3-1/2! He is getting so big and so grown up. I wish I could freeze time for a little while except that with each week, Brendan gets more and more fun to play with and converse with … so perhaps it will just continue to get better and better!
 I stopped by his house after work and we played for a little while.
 Brendan is quite a hard worker when he plays!

 It is so fun to watch him. He is a very entertaining little person.

 These are the little construction trucks Nana bought him for his birthday. He loves them.

 Could anyone resist this sweetheart?

 When I arrived at his house, Brendan had this present to give me! He was SO excited!

Why the gift of flowers?! I don't know! Kelly just said that Brendan wanted to pick out flowers and these were the ones, out of all to choose from, that he thought I would like best. They are gorgeously beautiful and my heart is full.

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