Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Another Sunday sleepover ...

Emma spent the night again Sunday. After we had visited the zoo, had ice cream cones at McDonald's, and drove the other kids back to their place, Emma stayed with me. We arrived at the Beach House at about 8:00. We got into our comfy clothes and decided to watch a movie together here on my cozy couch. Emma decided she wanted to see "We Bought a Zoo" again. I love that movie! We had such a good time watching it together.

I didn't take any pictures Friday night OR Saturday morning. Emma is almost fourteen now and she gets a little tired of me snapping her picture. I need to respect that too!

I think we finally went to bed at about midnight, after talking for awhile after the movie.

Monday, we slept in! We enjoyed a nice breakfast together and then we had our Bible story time. Our lesson this week was about Elisha and the healing of Naaman, the leper. What a great story! Another salvation story of healing and cleansing and coming to faith--all without cost, offered for free! We learned about "Greedy Gehazi", Elisha's servant, who was not content with what he had but lied and disobeyed God by asking for some of Naaman's gifts. 

When we are doing our Bible time, Emma listens so carefully. She also paints a picture as I teach the story. Emma remembers our stories and God is using them in her life. She has many questions, and I am so glad. They are good questions, always! But no question is a bad one! However, she asks especially thoughtful questions, which tells me how much she understands and how she hungers to hear more. I am so thankful for all that these Bible stories have taught me and how they have helped to grow my faith. More than that, though, I am so thankful for the work I see God doing in Emma's life. Protect her, Lord Jesus, and keep her from every evil thing. Please give her eyes of faith and a heart that follows after You and loves you completely!

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