Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Kaity's birthday party

Last Friday night was Kaity's birthday party. Since it was the 4th of July weekend, and since the party had not been announced very far ahead, many people were too far away to return for the party. Katie's best friend, Kinzey, was camping with her family up near Ludington.
 Kaity's cousin, Brendan, was traveling to Minnesota to be with his mama's side of the family ...
 This bouncy house was enjoyed very much by Kaity. She jumps very high and she is not afraid.
 This is the painting Emma did for Kaity. It has everyone's hands (including their dog Sophie and their cat Belle). Very nice, Emma!
 Katie's birthday cake with one of her favorite animated characters (I never heard of this little cartoon!)

 Diana got the cake at Costco ... I think ... it was super moist chocolate cake with yummy sweet frosting.
 Kaity received many nice gifts from her family. Christopher gave her some small stuffed animals (she loves stuffed animals). Matthew gave her one of his own favorite tiny stuffed puppies. Katie's other grandparents gave her a beautiful big bright green stuffed frog (not pictured) with many other nice presents. She really had quite a loot to open.
These are some of the gifts I got for Kaity. Not pictured is the flute (recorder), the horse-shoe magnet, the light-up ball with a blue fish inside ... 
Kaity loves the magnifying glass I have at my house, so I got this one for her to have at her house. She was quite enthused with it. 

You are a sweetheart, Kaity. I hope you enjoy this year of being FOUR ... it is just about the perfect age!

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