Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Last Thursday with Brendan ... and Saturday evening too!

Last Thursday after work Brendan and I went over to the Kia dealership to have my oil changed. There is a nice waiting room there with a large window looking into the service area. We watched them hoist my SOUL up, up, up ... they rotated the tires, changed the oil, and checked a bunch of stuff, all in a flash with us watching! Brendan was delighted (always).

 We took our Cocoa kitty puppet with us just in case we needed a little entertainment.
 Brendan really got a charge out of watching them take the tires off my car with their super duper power machine.
 Afterwards, we went over to my little house. Brendan hadn't seen my Playmobile Country horses yet! He loved them and played his heart out while I was fixing us a bite to eat.

 He loved their names and their riders and enjoyed himself hugely.

 Trains are still his favorite though. I can't believe that I have assembled a train track in my bedroom and haven't taken it down for weeks now. I have to use every nook and cranny around here for play time and I guess my room is fair game after all.

 Brendan is such a blast to watch as he makes authentic sound effects of whistles blowing and engines chugging along.
 And we also made our car wash out in the front room, complete with a mini-dryer, spinning brushes, and everything.

 And then to top everything off, I made Brendan a chocolate milk shake with whipped cream on top. Ah, this grandma thing sure is wonderful.

 Look at Brendan's chummy little face. Isn't he so sweet?
 He is very serious about his chocolate, this little man.
 He slurped it all the way to the bottom.
 We also went over to see Nana, but that was SATURDAY evening I think. I'm all messed up with days and dates lately because I am so behind posting pictures. Yes. I think it was Saturday night that Brendan and I went over to say hi to Nana.
 Brendan tried out all of the exercise equipment in the basement, even though it was a touch too big for him.
 After we visited with Nana, I got to tuck Brendan in. We read several of our favorite stories to Chickie-poo because he had never heard "The Gruffalo" OR "The Gruffalo's Child!" We had so much fun together. Wonderful in every way.

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