Friday, July 22, 2016

So much joy in one little boy ...

 A week ago Thursday (July 14) I stopped over for my usual Thursday time with this little person. I decided that since it had been a really LONG day at work, that we would just play at Brendan's house. He has so many great toys to play with.
 Brendan immediately brought me to the playroom in the basement where all (or most) of the trains are set up. Brendan has a deep love for trains and he gets hours and hours of good play with them. He has a lot of really great train stuff, most of which Dylan and Kelly picked up on the cheap!
 Such a happy face, Little Fellow! We made up all kinds of stories with the trains--it was so much fun.

 The hours zoomed on by so quickly. Brendan is the easiest little guy to spend time with. 
So thankful for you, dear little grandson.

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