Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pictures from Monday

Evidently after I went to bed Sunday night (Emma spent the night again--yes!!!), Emma wasn't quite sleepy yet so she wandered on into the toy room and got creative. I'm so glad. She built all of this cool stuff and I never heard a single sound.
Emma has always been a builder. She is very good with three dimensional projects. She can plan out stuff in her head and then build it. I'm glad she has those abilities. This marble run she put together works far better than the plan that was outlined in the box it came in.
Monday morning, Emma showed me all of her night-time work.
Emma and I relaxed Monday morning, had our Bible study time (about the healing of Naaman, the leper, and Elisha the prophet--such a wonderful story!), and then Kelly dropped Brendan off just before we left to pick Kaity up. On our way to get Kaity, we witnessed an accident over on W. River Drive and since we were the ONLY witness and the offender drove off, we stopped while the victim alerted police and then waited for them to come so that we could tell what happened. It was all very routine--no one was hurt, thankfully.
Kaity and Brendan play very nicely together. They like each other and are so cute together.

After they played trains, we got out the Playdoh and had a bunch of fun with that for awhile.
But then it was time for Brendan to leave with Aunt Kelly. We continued with Playdoh ...
Emma even joined us ...
We played for such a long time, we forgot all about making our milkshakes until it was too late and we simply had to end our Monday time. It was a very nice afternoon, though. Kaity is getting more and more relaxed at my house and she knows where everything is that we play with.

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