Friday, April 10, 2015

Mr. Pelican sails the ocean blue ...

Brendan came over to MY house yesterday and we played and played and played! Paco the Pig and Cocoa Cat are always included in our playtime. Brendan loves these puppets entirely.
He loves it when I animate them for him, and he is pretty good at doing it himself! He put Paco on his hand and asked? 
 Brendan insists that one of my nicknack lighthouses is really a lighthouse BOAT. He was excited to show it to Paco.
 Brendan was making Paco sing a little tune here ...
 Brendan's sweet smile while eating a BIG chunk of watermelon ...
For some reason, Brendan has taken a recent liking to another one of my nicknacks … a pelican that was a gift from my brother, David … all the way from Florida! 
 Brendan introduced Mr. Pelican to the trucks ...
 And then I retrieved my wooden sailboat (from the top shelf) and brought it down to show Brendan. He was SO in love with this!
 He decided Mr. Pelican MUST sail the ocean blue ...

 And in his usual style, Brendan played with this sailboat and Mr. Pelican for a VERY long time ...
 He had so much fun!
 Brendan checks out every single angle of every little thing … enjoying himself hugely in the process.
 THEN … we decided to paint. So we painted a sailboat, a pelican, and another picture too. Brendan was very pleased.
 The pictures below completely crack me up. Here is Brendan, after we had finished our paintings, requesting to see a "steam locomotive" (annunciated perfectly). So I got on the internet and found a 28 minute video of steam trains of all sorts … these pictures are Brendan watching the wheels and imitating them with his arms and hands … he is quite amazing at it.
 The face below says it all … "I AM LOVED, GRANDMA!"
 And no playtime would be complete without a car wash! So, we naturally got our matchbox cars all shiny and clean once again!

 We even played a little music … Brendan is very good with music!
 He is quite a natural!

I love you Brendan, sweetie-pie!

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