Saturday, April 18, 2015

My brother comes to visit ...

My brother came to town on business Wednesday and stayed through until early Saturday morning. He spent one night at my Beach House, and then stayed the other nights with mom. I was able to get Friday OFF work (yay!), so we drove out to our favorite places and enjoyed a great day together.
We drove all around Lake Muskegon to the north side and walked the boardwalk down a little ways so that I could take a few pictures of the Coast Guard Station and one of my favorite lighthouses ...
And then we drove back the way we came, back around Muskegon Lake to Pere Marquette Beach. And as we were driving on Beach Road (I think) I looked over at the lake and pointed … "What's that white stuff along the shore?" I asked my brother. We abruptly stopped the car, pulled into a parking place, and we ran on down to see! 
ICE! Are you kidding? It was 71 in Grand Rapids when we left earlier in the day … and it was truly COLD out there at Muskegon … but I never expected to find ICE on April 17!
It really cracked us up ... 
We did our usual walking and exploring--but kept each excursion somewhat brief because mom was in the car. She was not in any hurry to leave, though, so we did enjoy ourselves on this beautiful brisk day.

 We left Muskegon and drove down to Grand Haven … because … we HAD to!
 We found fog rolling in. It was very chilly and windy. We walked the pier. I did not get any pictures of the shoreline; but I have NEVER seen the water this high in my life. There is hardly any beach!

 Look what we found at the end of the pier!
 ICE BERGS! Yikes!
 Look how HUGE this is!
I LOVE it when my brother comes for a visit. I was so thankful to spend the day with him. He has returned to Florida now and I am singing the blues … sigh. Love you, David.

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