Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sunday afternoon ...

It had been three weeks since the kiddos had been over to my house. This week, it finally worked out, even though it meant just a Sunday afternoon. But you would be surprised how much you can cram into six hours if that is all you have!
We ate a BIG breakfast kind of a lunch with scrambled eggs, sausage, and french toast, along with lots of fresh fruit and a yummy fruit dip. 
 We played a few games of MEMORY, which I forever lose because of my LACK of memory … but Christopher won the first game and then Ems won the second. Matthew and I came in a distant … last. The kiddos did better at losing this week because I told them NO MORE GAMES if it meant crying or getting all angry about it. So they tried real hard to be good sports … and it worked!
Our Bible story time was wonderful--it is always wonderful. We continued learning about Jacob and Esau. This time, we traveled with Jacob back to the homeland of his mother to find a wife. I love this story. I love how God worked good things into Jacob's life and changed his heart, by humbling him and turning him towards God. We read about how he was tricked into marrying the wrong sister, and how he eventually had FOUR wives and 11 sons!

 We also learned about the dream of Jacob's ladder. This happened as Jacob was traveling to his mother's homeland. We learned that Jacob SAW THE LORD at the top of that stairway to heaven and that he named the place, "Bethel" which means "house of God."
I have loved reading and studying through Genesis. I love these beautiful stories of how God called out a people for Himself, blessed them, and changed their lives forever. The children painted these illustrations while listening to the story. So thankful for these hours with the children!

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