Tuesday, June 16, 2015

More of Little Fellow ...

Brendan and I were watching the little birds outside his dining room window when … behold (!) a FLY zoomed over our heads and landed near the top of the window. Brendan was trying to reach him and make friends (above picture). Thankfully, the fly was too fast for Brendan and was very Unfriendly.
Brendan and I like to play trains because they are FUN and he has a very nice array of them to play with! He is so good at pretending and sound effects … his imagination knows no bounds.
And he knows that I adore him … and he loves me right back.
We always simulate situations on the train table. This time, we were scolding the trains because they kept coming uncoupled and falling off the bridge!
The Solor fuel tank cars were TOO heavy and kept throwing the whole train off!
Brendan doesn't give up quickly, though, if he has an idea. He decided to couple a whole bunch of different cars together to see if they could all make it up the hill and around the curve together.
We found two little plastic ducklings in his toy bin and decided that they should join in on the adventure.
I animated the ducklings so that they were quacking and squealing throughout their train adventure.
Brendan had so much fun with them!
He was so glad they fit right inside one of the train cars so perfectly.
He became very fast friends with these ducklings and was so pleased ...
Brendan! You are a blast to play with! I love you to pieces.

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