Saturday, June 20, 2015

TWO afternoons with Brendan this week

Little Fellow's mom and dad attended a conference downtown through Acton Institute this week and I got to take care of him after work both Thursday AND Friday. We had a very fun time together. Isn't three a perfect age?
This is Brendan's first look at the little marble run I purchased awhile ago. He was pretty intrigued with it and explored all the ins and outs of it for quite awhile.
He is a very mechanical little person and enjoys all things that spin and move … cause and effect captures him right away. 
Brendan had spent the earlier part of his day with his friend Eli, Eli's mom (Miss Emily) and their friend Laney. They went to the library for a super heroes party. I asked Brendan to put on his super hero mask for me ... 
Brendan! You are so funny! I love these goofy pictures of this darling boy ... 
 We played in the play room for a very long time and at one time, we had about 40 of my finger puppets all lined up talking to Brendan. He wanted to know all of their names, so I had to quick think up some engaging names for them. He liked Willie the Worm (above picture) because Willie had a mask too.
 The cars and track are still a big favorite, as are Mr. Pelican and his sailboat ...

It was a little bit sweaty at my house after all that play, and Brendan is a naturally warm little person, so I thought a bath might be in order. I didn't realize that Brendan did NOT want a bath until I tried lifting him into the tub--yikes--he rarely cries at my house … so I told him the cars needed washing and we made a pretty nifty car wash with lots of soap and a good rinser. Pretty soon, Little Fellow was back to smiling and very thoroughly washed several cars; in the process, getting himself quite clean.
 Car washing is very serious business ...
 I asked, "Where is your smile, Brendan?" And this is what I got!

 He knows I love him to pieces!
 Friday, we decided on a little outdoor play. I wanted a few pictures of Brendan and the beautiful flowers he had picked out for me on Mother's Day.

 Little Cutie!

 And we played in the street for awhile, putting stones down the storm drain … so much fun.

 And we took a walk/run around my little neighborhood. Brendan was really running fast … I could hardly keep up with him! We spied this dunk tank across the hill and Brendan ran all the way to it so that he could spin this tire. The neighborhood has a carnival planned for Saturday; hence the dunk tank.
 And then we came back to my house, read lots of books, listened to "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and watched "The Gruffalo's Child."
 Little Fellow was VERY tired by the time his mama came to pick him up. He has a lot of energy and rarely takes a nap anymore. It sure is fun to have him come over. He is a JOY.

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