Saturday, June 6, 2015

Wednesday Night ...

Dylan was out of town … all the way across the Atlantic Ocean in Greece for eight days! He was attending a conference through his work place, as well as a few other errands he did while there. He visited Athens, Delphi, and Thessaloniki. He has safely returned home now! I went over to cheer Little Fellow and his mama up Wednesday after work since Dylan was so far away.
I posted the above picture on Facebook and my Aunt Jean commented that this is "the boy with the perpetual smile." I like that. So true. 

Brendan does have a serious side, though! He is a whole bunch of different good stuff all together! 
 He made his bead run into a train station … yes, I know … he is a little obsessed with trains--but he plays SO nicely with them!

Not much of anything happened during my visit … just the usual cuddles, snuggles, laughter ... 
… the pure JOY of being a grandma.

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