Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mostly zoo pictures ...

The John Ball Zoo is such a nice place to visit! Last Sunday, the grandkiddos and I decided to take a picnic of snacks and go play for a little while with the budgies and the stingrays--the two favorite sites for us at the zoo.
Emma is a natural with animals. She would like to be a veterinarian when she grows up. She is very gentle and patient with animals and they seem to know this about her. She was the best at getting the budgies on her feed stick. They came to her every time!

Matthew loves these birds too. I love the interaction all of the children get to experience in this huge cage.

Isn't it great to see these guys enjoying these birds?
Christopher too! He loves animals and he is very good with them.

I just love these pictures of everyone's happy faces.

It is a little more difficult to film them at the stingray pool--and it was overly crowded there Sunday. The weekends are always busy at the zoo. But it was still fun to see the rays and touch their soft skin.

Below is the "baby" ray that everyone dotes on. Isn't she lovely?
The boys are great at this pool. They are not afraid at all and really enjoy touching these cool creatures.

When we returned to my house, we played games, we ate a nice taco meal, we studied Moses and the Red Sea crossing (such a great story!), and we played magnets. I got a bunch of nice pictures of the kiddos all "sharing" the magnets.

I will try to do a better job on the narrative … at a later time. I am too tired tonight!

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