Friday, June 26, 2015

Game Day ...

I had the grandchildren over Monday afternoon this week. It was supposed to be a stormy, all-day kind of rainy day; so we played games at my house. Emma had asked me to get a Battleship game so that we could play it together--Emma is getting much better about playing games and not always having to win.
We also played a few rounds of Mexican trains, because we could all play that game together. The kids had never seen it or played it before, so it was a nice treat.

They are all very SERIOUS game players ...
They are getting … so … grown up.
We have progressed from Genesis to Exodus, learning about the amazing rescue of the Israelites from Egypt. We studied Passover last week and learned so much about God's grace and mercy, as well as His judgment.

We focused a lot of time talking about JESUS being the Lamb of God, about His sacrifice for us. We even talked about the marriage feast of the Lamb that will happen some day when we are all together in Christ's kingdom.
I love these beautiful stories, and I love teaching them to these beautiful children.

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