Saturday, June 27, 2015

Budgie birds and stingrays ...

Wednesday afternoon, after work, I picked up my Little Fellow and we went right on over to the zoo. I told Brendan all about the budgie birds and how we would feed them. I was not quite prepared for Brendan's reaction … he was so astounded by these birds and so FULL of joy, you could hear his peels of laughter everywhere. Soon, people were watching Brendan's fun instead of watching the birds! 
 Brendan was so pleased that the birds would land right on his little feeding stick!
 He was a tiny bit wary at first, especially when those beaks got too close to his fingers ...
 But he was obviously pleased … look at his darling face … ah! I can't get enough of him!
 Brendan is a little scientist. Everywhere he goes, he is figuring things out, examining details, patient as can be just so that he can take in as much of life as possible. He is such a joy to be with.

 This pretty white and blue budgie (below) stayed for quite a while, and let Brendan tough his back with his finger.
 Sometimes the birds would fly all at once … this completely cracked Brendan up!
 He just loved these little birds!
He went from branch to branch to feed as many as possible ... 
This little person enjoys this kind of activity so much. Look at his precious face! 

 Brendan! You are such a dear little laddie!

 We also visited the stingrays and watched them swim with such grace and beauty.
 Brendan was quite taken with them as well. He remembered them from last year and was so excited to see them again.
 Brendan is quite fearless … perhaps this is a 3-year-old thing, but I hope it lasts.
 He just loved putting his hand into the water and touching the softness of the stingray's wings ...

From now on, if I find myself a little bit sad I will just look at these pictures of this happy little child and remember ALL that I have to be thankful for. God has been so good to me.

When we drove back to Brendan's house, his next-door neighbor, Delores, was out working in her yard. She is 80 and loves to keep her yard beautiful. Brendan loves Delores and went running right over to her. They seemed to enjoy a nice conversation, and Brendan helped her pick up some branches that had fallen into her yard.
Sweetest little boy I know. And I get to be his grandma. 

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