Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Kaity time on May 22

I am SO RELIEVED to finally be well enough to invite Kaity over to play. The last 10 days or so I have struggled with a nasty "bug" that had gone around and around the office for weeks on end ... I was actually to the point where I thought I would escape it; but NO.

I missed this little minion a ton. Kaity is a sweetheart in every way. I know the older kids think she is annoying and a bit of a "dictator" (to quote them); but she isn't like that here--and perhaps it is just the circumstance of her home that she presents herself that way there! 
 We had a delightful time with our play doh, making 3 little puppies (white, brown and bright orange) with 3 dog houses (made of popsicle sticks and play doh) with matching beds inside. The creating of this took us a little while and I was really glad to see how intense Kaity was as well as how LONG she actually stuck with this activity yesterday. Kaity has a tendency to hop from thing to thing in a flash and a half--it is hard to keep up with her--PLUS, I think school is going to be a real trial for this little dear IF she isn't able to relax and stay with a task for more than two seconds. 
 Kaity happily played with our creations at the table for 30+ minutes (a new record). She was so pleased to use her little hands and make stuff. I loved watching her joy.

We tested out the weather and played outside for a tiny bit, doing a mixture of yard work, chatting with my new neighbor, Gloria (and her little dog, Angel), and blasting off our rockets. Out of four rockets, we now have three remaining. One is lodged up on my roof somewhere--hopefully the wind will bring it back down to us ... eventually. 

It was a little bit chilly outside, so we came back inside and built a nice train layout and combined it with our wooden blocks to make some extra bridges and tunnels ... 
Again, I was really happily surprised at how long Kaity played with this too. I think we milked another 30 minutes out of this activity before Kaity decided we needed to play hide-'n-seek. It is not my favorite game because Kaity-dear gives herself away after about 2 seconds of me pretending not to find her. PLUS, she orders me about as to where I am allowed to hide!! 

But we had fun anyway. We decided to visit the same playground I took Brendan to the other day--it is a school playground not far from where Nana lives. 
 Kaity absolutely loves playgrounds ... because ... she is athletic, physical, strong, active, and an excellent climber too!
 Emma taught Kaity how to "pump" the swing and pull with her arms. She doesn't need anyone to push her anymore and can get quite high all by herself.
 Doesn't she have a darling little face? I just love her so much, darling face or not. But I must say that she is a pretty little pixie, so delicate, so fair ...

 Kaity thought this "baby T-Rex" was quite the thing as well! So cute.

The slides are always her favorite. She is fearless. Climbs up and down them, rarely using the ladder. 

Grandma loves you to pieces, Kaity-girl. So thankful for you. Ooo ... we practiced saying our first Bible verse today. "I will never leave you."  Hebrews 13.5. Five little words. We used our 5 fingers to say the verse and then we put our hands together in prayer, thanking God for His kindness to us.

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