Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May 8 with Kaity-Girl

Today, Kaity and I ventured outside at the Beach House to do some much-needed yard work. Kaity has her own princess work gloves, and I have lots of yard tools that she loves to use.
Kaity went right to work picking weeds and stones out of my little lawn ...
Kaity loves to be outside and she loves to play in the dirt.

I will say, though, that she was an excellent little helper--and SO enthused about it all. It made me happy just watching her have so much good, clean, healthy fun.

After a full hour of work, I finally looked over at Kaity and told her I needed to go inside and play for awhile. She replied, "But grandma, there are more weeds!" I told her I would save them for her for next week.
We went inside and had an elaborate luncheon with many of our stuffed animal friends. All of our "PETS" friends came to dinner, and they invited PACO to join them.

Kaity is very good at pretending. She was a very good cook and hostess today with her animal friends.

I am very thankful Kaity will play like this at my house. She is a joy to be with.
I love you, sweet Kaity!

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