Sunday, May 14, 2017

May 11 with Brendan

I had an abbreviated time to be with Brendan tonight due to a "visitation" I needed to attend over in Coopersville. Brendan and I took a little trip to Casa La Parrott over on 28th Street to talk with all of the pretty birds.
This bird is "Cloud" and he really yaps up a storm--VERY loudly. 
 Brendan was super happy to be here to see all of the birds once again. Below is "Orsen" which is a great name for him! He was very talkative too and he bobbed up and down while doing it.

I love watching Brendan interact with the birds ... he wants to touch them SO badly, but he is just a bit afraid at the same time. 

We found a pretty good "toy" parrot for only $1.25 and brought him home with us. 

The pictures below are Brendan trying very hard to sneak a tiny touch of this parrot's tail feathers ... but Mr. Parrot was always too quick for Brendan and found him out every single time! 
Brendan showed Mr. Parrot HIS toy bird thinking it might help his chances with actually touching the real thing. 

 I love the expression (below) on Brendan's face. He still has that beautiful soft chubby-cheek face and I just love him so.

 Brendan did get to touch "Max" for a little while tonight. Brendan was very gentle.
There is absolutely NO admission price to just walk in to Casa La Parrot, look around and talk to the birds. It was a super nice way to spend our time together. Afterwards, upon Brendan's request, we ate at Taco Bell. The food is NOT very good, but Brendan was happy enough and that was fine with me.

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