Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May 4 with Brendan

How do you like my new window seats? This has nothing to do with this posting, but I thought I'd put these 2 pictures right here anyway, because I actually put these together by myself--I know! 
I had taken my tent down last week because, well, I was tired of it blocking my entire front room space, and the children had played enough with it for now at least ... but I didn't want to bring that picnic bench back in from the porch and this is what I wanted all along anyway! Thank you, Amazon Prime! When they arrived (2-day no-extra cost shipping) and I took them out of the boxes and got out the instructions and looked at all of it ... I seriously wondered if I would be able to put this together. The directions said it should take about 40 minutes to construct. I was finished with the first one in 90 minutes, and then the second one only took 30! I am very pleased with how it looks, very functional too!
Brendan came over to play the night after I had assembled the window seat. I had gotten a tiny model of a volcano at The Creation Station (over on Plainfield) for $4.99, and since Brendan is rather obsessed with volcanoes presently, we had quite a bit of fun with this! 

Last week when Kaity and I tried this out, we did an under-water volcano, but this worked much better. Of course, I don't like huge messes all over the place, so we just used my double sink. Brendan did all of the measuring and pouring himself. 

Naturally, we did this over and over again for quite a few times. Brendan was so pleased. 

We played for a little while with a few toys and then we drove to a "new" playground ... 
This is a school playground that is only open to non-students during evening hours. 
 We were the only ones there!

 It would definitely have been more fun if there had been other children to play with.

 But Brendan was super happy to be there. Isn't he the sweetest?

 And very good climbing, Brendan!

Love you, sweetheart!

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