Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May 1 with Kaity

Another Monday with Kaity-girl. I love her more each week. She is really precious. She loves all of my little stuffed animals so much. We play all kinds of "pretend" with them.
Sometimes Kaity will bring a little stuffed animal from HER house to meet the ones over at MY house. 
We almost always play with my "PET" stuffed animals (from the movie "The Secret Life of Pets"). 
 Chloe is one of Kaity's favorites. But then she loves Max too ... and Snowball (my favorite).
Kaity helped me create an under water volcano today with a little toy model that I bought at a toy outlet the other day ... 
Look at that very happy smile on her face! 
But her favorite thing of all was the brand new matching orange plastic gloves I got for us so that we could do dishes together. Believe me, this is not a CHORE in Kaity's eyes. She absolutely loves to wash and rinse dishes.
I love spending this kind of simple time with this little soul ... 

I love you Kaitlynn Jane ... so glad you are my granddaughter.

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