Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May 7--Hanging out with some sweet folk

Sunday evening, after spending a little time with Nana, I drove over to visit Dylan, Kelly, Brendan and Aidan. We ate a huge salad, some banana bread and undercooked chocolate brownies. Yum! I had made too much food for the weekend and needed to have someone eat it before it went bad!
"These glasses make my eyes BLUE, grandma!"
Little Aidan is 7 weeks now and growing every day! He is 13+ pounds! 

 The following pictures are of these cuties interacting ... Look how much Aidan enjoys Brendan!

 They are completely engaged ...
Even talking to each other! 

Finally, Aidan reached out his tiny hand to his brother .... so sweet. 
 Aidan flipped from his tummy to his back (for the very first time) while I was there!

Dylan and Kelly are really really nice parents. They truly give of themselves so much, enjoy the kids, and have a lot of fun together. I'm so glad for this little family (and me too). 

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