Friday, June 9, 2017

He is still my Little Fellow

Thursday night again?! These weeks rush by SO fast. I picked up Brendan after work this afternoon, headed over to the Kia dealership to have my tire repaired, and enjoyed an hour with Brendan all enthralled with the repair shop and fix-it guys, etc. Brendan is such a great little kid. It was not difficult to spend time with him ... even though we had absolutely nothing to do!
 However, that hour at the dealership stole an hour from us over at Townsend Park. We didn't even get here until almost 6:30. Brendan was all ready to go, though, and was off to explore Bear Creek in all of its beauty.
I have loved this little spot for more than thirty years now, in every single season of the year! 
 It is pretty "early" in the year to do much catching of anything ... but Brendan had his net ready, just in case! He mostly caught stones and sand!
 Isn't something how ALL kids love to play in the water? This is such a refreshing place to come. It's not a place where kids swim--but it doesn't hurt to get their legs wet with the nice cool water, and there is so much to see and do here.

Brendan was showing me all of his "rock islands."  

We enjoyed a little bit of the playground too. There were lots of other little humans at the playground. Brendan got along just beautifully with them. 

I was sad that we only had one hour here--it seemed like 30 seconds! 
 It was a little tricky convincing Brendan it was time to go ... he really wanted to stay and play with these new friends of his.

We drove across town to Brendan's house where I got to tuck him in for the night--after, that is, brushing his teeth and having three stories read to him in his bed tent, and a little bit of giggling and silliness mixed in for good measure. Good night, Little Fellow.

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