Tuesday, June 6, 2017

You are so much fun, Kaity-Girl!

One of the favorite things Kaity and I do together is play MEMORY with a deck of cards one of the kids received in a Happy Meal over at Wendy's restaurant (I think). Anyway, it is the cutest little deck of cards with fun animals, each with a cute name like Jada (a pretty green bird), Flip (an owl), Edith (an elephant wearing a pearl necklace), etc. Kaity always beats the socks off me when we play. She has a very good memory, and what is exciting is that she remembers the animals by NAME. This is encouraging, based on her delay in letter recognition, etc. She loves to play this game, and I love to play it with her!
Monday was a beautiful day to play at a playground, so we went over to the Grand Rapids Township Park and played. Kaity LOVES this place. Look at her hilarious hair with static from the plastic slide. We cracked up over this picture. 
Kaity loves to swing. She pumps her legs and pulls with her arms and can get pretty high. But she still appreciates a good couple of pushes from me to get her EXTRA high. Heights are a real thrill to her (me too). 
 The tire swing is a blast because we can spin it and make it swirl while getting higher and higher.
 And speaking of HIGH, there are super high slides at this park! Kaity loves all of them.
 The merry-go-round is a real hit too. Unfortunately, I can only spin it just so fast ... Kaity likes it super FAST.

 Kaity! What is with that mischievous little face! And that tongue! Oh my!

 Kaity-Girl, you are such a joy.

 Kaity worked at this "digger" for a very long time. I will have to say, it is NOT easy to operate. 
 We played at The Beach House for awhile too. Kaity loves all the toys at my house. Here she is playing with the stuffed bears and the Playmobile horses and riders.

 Isn't she so sweet?

I totally forget to take pictures of the new puzzles I bought for Kaity, Melissa & Doug, wooden ones. Kaity did ALL of the puzzles and would not accept any help from me whatsoever. I love how much she enjoyed herself today. I love this little person.

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