Friday, June 2, 2017

Tuesday night with Emma

Emma has grown up so much this year, and in many different ways. Her life is complicated, to put it mildly. I won't go into it here in such a "public" space, but she has many struggles. However, a very bright spot in her life has been Mrs. Doehring, her choir teacher (for three years now!). Emma loves music and she loves to sing.
 Tuesday night was the Middle School Awards Ceremony. The seventh grade choir sang a number, and then the eighth grade choir sang "Home" a very pretty piece of music. 
 The kids were asked to "dress up" so Emma went all out. I thought she looked very pretty in her fancy dress. Some kids rather UNDER dressed for the occasion, but Emma was happy with what she wore and she was happy to be there as part of the choir. I wish she had gotten the award for excellence in choral music, but one of her friends got that award instead. 
 Mrs. Doehring has been real supportive of Emma. So Sunday, when Ems and I were shopping over at Kohl's, she picked out a very nice necklace to gift to Mrs. Doehring and then she wrapped it up for her too. I love that Emma likes to give gifts to special people.

 I know that I am opinionated and prejudiced, but this young lady in the front row has stolen my heart since she was just a wee tiny girl. I love her so.
 Good job singing in the choir this year, Emma.

I hope you'll stay in the choir all through high school!

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