Friday, June 2, 2017

Memorial Weekend, Part II

Last Sunday after church Dylan, Kelly, Brendan and Aidan came over. After all, it was Dylan's birthday and we had to celebrate it!
This chunky little sweetheart enjoyed the little "walker" I had hidden out in my shed all of these years, mourning the fact that there were no more babies to enjoy it! Voila! Aidan is here, and our JOY is complete! 

 Aidan especially liked the little green frog ...

 Emma held Aidan for a brief minute ... until he started fussing and then she very happily handed him off to her aunt Kelly.
 Aunt Kelly is very very good with babies. She is a wonderful mom, so patient and kind.
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DYLAN! I was so glad they could all come for dinner. I had a LOT of lasagna that needed eating ... and it turned out that Kelly thinks Aidan is lactose-intolerant ... so guess who couldn't eat any lasagna!!?? She says Aidan's little tummy is much happier when she avoids milk and dairy products in general. Thankfully, I had a nice big salad and plenty of garlic bread for Kelly.
 This is a very nice picture of you, Dylan!
 Brendan was asked to smile for me so that I could get a nice picture of him ... this face (below) was the result ... you are a ham, Brendan.
 So the next day was the actual Monday Memorial Day. I spent the early afternoon with my mom. We went out to Rockford to the Shoe Depot out there and looked around for awhile, ate a nice lunch, and then I "dropped by" to see these guys again.
 I love these pictures of Dylan and Aidan ...

Brendan wanted me to make him a car out of the laundry basket like we used to do when he was a wee little fellow. He has rather outgrown the laundry basket, but decided he would cram himself into it anyway. I zoomed him around the hard wood floors a few times and we had some pretty spectular crashes, and then Brendan took over doing the driving by himself ....

Good driving, Brendan! HA.

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