Tuesday, June 13, 2017

We LOVE Bear Creek

We took TWO outings over to Warren Townsend Park this weekend to cool off in Bear Creek. The first time was Saturday, late afternoon. I had Kaity and Matt with me at the time and I totally FORGOT my camera! I was SO disappointed, because those kids had such a blast in the water that day.
We invited Brendan to come Monday afternoon--the time when I always have dear Kaity. As it turns out, Matt joined us again; but this time I HAD my camera. Yay! Oh my, the antics of these children Monday afternoon. They were an absolute scream. My heart was so happy just watching and enjoying their fun. 
Kaity is just ecstatic here. She runs and plays and laughs and explores and hardly ever stops smiling and interacting. This is SO good for her. She really got into searching for and collecting different rocks from the creek bed.

 Matthew and Brendan had so much fun. Can you see them UNDER the bridge? Well, actually they were not UNDER the bridge but BEYOND the bridge just enjoying themselves hugely.
I took a few $$ store trips over the last weeks and probably spent $20 on various little boats and water squirters, etc. I added those to our "old" collection, put them all in a nice sturdy bucket and brought them all down to the creek with us. Look at Brendan's happy little face as he watches Matt. 
 We played for two hours here and had such fun. We had a water fight (naturally) with our water squirters. I made rules about NO squirting people's faces and to keep it LOW. I have never seen Brendon behave as he did ... he was actually naughty ... little sweetheart. He just wouldn't stop squirting people's faces (mostly mine). We had a little chat about it. Brendan played rougher than I've ever seen him play. Perhaps it is because I don't usually see him playing with older children. Matt and he had a lot of fun. I was glad to see Brendan hold his own. He showed me he is quite a tough little mister.
 Much of the time was spent pirating around the rocks and growling like pirates and searching for sunken treasures.

 Isn't this a gorgeous place? I know!

 One thing: Matt actually caught a cray fish that was pretty good sized too. I failed to snap his picture. Matt named him Michael and he was a delight as we watched him swim around in our bucket for a little while. We got to share him with some different children who wandered by, and got to share our water toys too. I love how kids make "instant friends", don't you?
Since the kiddos were thoroughly soaked, I suggested they play over on the playground while I gathered toys. They were something else as they climbed, chased each other, found a treasure map, and just generally whooped it up together. 

 Aren't they adorable? Grandchildren are SUCH a GIFT. I still have to pinch myself about it.

Kaity climbed this wall half a dozen times in 15 minutes. She is an excellent little climber. 
Thank you, Lord, for each one of my grandchildren. PLEASE help them to follow You! Have Your way in their hearts. Give them eyes to see you and hearts to obey You all their lives.

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