Monday, June 26, 2017

An early Kaity celebration!

We celebrated Kaity's fifth birthday here at The Beach House Saturday, late afternoon. We started a little "deal" for her last birthday that she was agreeable to (thankfully). We agreed to buy some very nice toys that we would keep right here for Kaity to play with, instead of taking them home to her house. You see, things tend to get lost there.
 Kaity had no idea what was in this box. Thankfully, Emma wrapped this up for me the week before. She did such a nice job.
 This is two sets of PLAYMOBILE. One is a nifty playground. The other is a camping/picnic set. It is SO cute. And it is very fun to watch her play with all of the tiny people, kitty's, birds, and little accessories that come with these sets.
 Kaity was very pleased. She loves stuff like this.

 Emma also assembled both sets before wrapping them up so that Kaity would not have to wait while all the pieces were figured out. Thank you, Emma!

 We got out our PlayMobile horses and stables and got all of the people together for a good time.

 We enjoyed some mini-cupcakes and ice cream together. We sang Happy Birthday to our sweet Kaity ...
 We told her to make a wish ....
 She had to think this over quite awhile .... meantime Chris was complaining that wax was getting all over the cupcakes ...
You are precious, Kaity!

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