Friday, June 2, 2017

Memorial Weekend, Part I

It's been a week since Memorial weekend, and I haven't posted any pictures! My internet was "down" a few days, and then I was just too busy! 
 Saturday afternoon, the kids came over and we just hung out around here at the Beach House. I had made a big tray of lasagna for the weekend, with a pretty salad, and garlic bread too ... so we had plenty of food around here. I will say, though, none of the kids went for the lasagna ... sigh.
It was okay, though, because I don't make too much of a deal over food around here. We have a nice time just relaxing and playing for a few hours together. 
 Kaity continues to LOVE all of the stuffed creatures around here. She gets very involved with them and I love to watch her.
 Christopher isn't much interested in stuffed animals anymore. Look how grown up he is! He is 13.5 already! Chris doesn't come over every week anymore. He has plans and friends of his own. But I am always glad to see him and have him over.
 Our deadline on Saturdays is 6:00 because that's when we take Matthew over to the Three Mile Project where he meets friends and has a good time.
Emma spent the night Saturday night. We watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and cracked up. We worshiped the next morning at church on what was ASCENSION SUNDAY and had the most wonderful teaching about JESUS. The sermon was comforting, challenging, interesting and convicting all at once. I had never thought about the ascension of Christ quite like this before and it was such a blessing. Pastor Tom talked about Jesus and his friends hanging out for 40 days after the resurrection, and then suddenly Jesus just went up up up into the sky and his friends watched him disappear into the clouds! Two men in white told them that Jesus would return in the exact way they had seen him go! Jesus ASCENDED to the throne of God where He is seated at God's right hand as King of kings and Lord of lords. If Jesus had not ascended, his promised Holy Spirit would not have been given to all of us who believe. But Jesus DID give us that wonderful gift of being able to have a personal relationship with him through HIS SPIRIT who lives within us, who never leaves us or forsakes us!

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