Friday, July 28, 2017

Brendan the songster ...

"Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh ... oh, Tigger the Pooh, Tigger the Pooh ..." and Brendan sings the song for each of the characters ... "Piglet the Pooh, Piglet the Pooh" and he gets me cracking up every time. We were on our way to the Alger Library where we read a dozen or so good books with a small just-under-two girl who sat down next to us and took in each book we read, asking appropriate questions throughout! I was amazed at her patience and her long attention span! Brendan exhibits these too, but I find he is a rather unusual child, at least in my personal experience.
Most of these pictures are of Brendan playing his ukulele for me after we returned home to his house. 
 I absolutely LOVE to listen and watch and this child spills out his music ... he's completely spontaneous about it ...

 Baby Aidan can't be left out, though--here he is with Dylan. Isn't he the chunkiest, most adorable baby?!!

 Dear, dear boy ... we might some day use these snapshots on your first album cover ... you are something, Little Fellow!

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