Monday, July 10, 2017

Kaity, goats and the zoo!

An entire week has gone by since I took these pictures of Kaity at the zoo. But I am posting them today to try to catch up on this photo-journal of mine. 
 I love watching Kaity enjoy animals. She is really something--just like her brothers and sister. She loves animals, is not one bit afraid of them, and animals love her too!
 Look at her enjoying these goats!!!
 I love her little face as she takes care of them.
 Gentle and kind. That's how to live, Kaity, with people as well as goats!
 I love these pictures!
 We climbed all of the stairs to the top of the zoo so that we could go tiger hunting ...
 But first we had to play at the treehouse thing-ee.

 You are such a good climber and explorer, Kaity!
 And look at the prickly caterpillar we found looking for the tigers too!
 We had to go way down the boardwalk to the pool at the bottom of the tiger enclosure to actually SEE a tiger. We wanted him to come and take a swim, but he would not budge from where he was!

 Kaity loves to play on this little wooden train. There are no hurries here at the zoo. Kaity just plays until she is finished playing. I like that.
 Kaity is very happy at the zoo.

 I love you so much, Kaity. I'm so happy I am your grandma!

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