Monday, July 17, 2017

Deer Tracks Revisited ...

Last Saturday (the 15th) the grands and I went back to Deer Tracks Junction for an afternoon/evening of fun. We had visited here once last year--everyone remembered it, especially the playgrounds with the underground tunnels and mazes. I went to Meijer's and purchased FOUR glow-in-the-dark mini-LED flashlights (for $14.99 including the batteries). 
The children LOVE this place. I will say that it is one of the nicest playgrounds I have ever seen. Everything is well maintained and very clean. And whoever thought this complicated tunnel system up must be close to genius. 
First of all, there is this very huge train structure with slides and wall climbing and some secret tunnels.

These four kiddos are extremely physically active and astute! Nothing really bothers them as far as climbing and jumping and maneuvering. However, Christopher decidedly doesn't like heights!

Look at Kaity's face!

They had an elaborate game of hide 'n seek going on for awhile ...

INSIDE the main building (which is supposed to be like an old trading post, made out of log and paneling, very pretty) there is a pretend jail. I locked the kiddos up because they had stolen my horses!
They were put on trial!
Kaity wanted no part at all of being locked up in jail. She declared herself to be the sheriff!
We bought our $5 tickets, and got our $1 food containers, put on our wrist bands, and went through the gate to see the animals.

The goats are hysterically funny. They will eat just about anything and are quite aggressive!
The larger animals are enclosed behind fences ...
But the smaller animals just wander about ... look at this little donkey!!! Isn't he the cutest?
All of the children are wonderful with animals. No fear. Completely gentle. Animals like them too.

We played and played, and the children had such a lot of fun. Their smiles were from ear to ear.

Kaity loved this little playhouse with the toys and the sleeping loft. 
She was quite intent on organizing all of the toys and giving the place a deep clean. She and Ems spent quite a bit of time setting up house. I loved watching them.

Further on into the farm, we found a brand new structure (just built this year). Oh my. The kids just went berserk over this!
Kaity enjoyed playing with the trucks in the sand.

This new structure is super high (see above) and in order to get to the tippy top, you have to do a lot of rope climbing ...

Everyone was able to reach the top (even me!) and enjoy the view from up there. Isn't this a cool place?

This slide was super fast too. However, finding the entryway to go DOWN, was really a trick.
I finally dragged the kiddos away from that area because one of the workers told me there were tiny baby bunnies in the bunny house ... the bunny Kaity is holding is NOT a newborn, but it was super soft. Her expression kills me.
Everyone got to touch and hold the bunnies. How nice!

I love these pictures! These children are so precious.

Below is the tiny baby ...
The boys and these pygmy goats were something to behold ...
We laughed SO hard ... these guys wanted ALL of the food ... Chris and Matt were cracking up.

There were NO baby pigs this year. The workers told us that their male pig "failed to do his job" this spring; hence, no babies. They have purchased another male and hopefully next spring there will be an abundance of babies.

I'm so glad we got to visit this cool place again this year. I'm going to have to bring Brendan here very soon!

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